I just returned from Tucson where I completed a two-day intensive session with Elizabeth Zelinka and David Parsons on career transitioning. This was extremely worthwhile. I thought they were terrific.

Elizabeth and David have been extremely helpful to me in my transition to retirement. They are professional, knowledgeable, creative, fun and enthusiastic, and overall great coaches/mentors/friends.

I frankly did not know what to expect walking into a retirement coaching program with David and Elizabeth. Two days later, and with the help of interesting exercises and discussion, I found a sense of direction and inspiration on what a happy post-retirement looks like. Better yet, they continue to work with me to get there.

I found the program extremely helpful. It allowed me to focus on priorities and goals for retirement through discussions and brainstorming. It was all very engaging and well structured!

I highly recommend the program to everyone. But particularly Type A people like me who might be at their wits end if they woke up every morning with nothing to do but play golf.

I would enthusiastically recommend that any professional contemplating retirement take advantage of the opportunity to work with Elizabeth and David. They not only are real pros, but they are also quite engaging and insightful on a broad range of topics.

I found the program to be an excellent tool for better planning my life post retirement. The personalized, methodical approach used by Elizabeth and David made for both a smart and fun set of conversations, and left me with a solid foundation of considerations to guide me in the future.

The retirement planning program developed by David and Elizabeth should be a benefit afforded to everyone as they contemplate that phase of their life… Going through their program will help anyone, regardless of their degree of confidence and self-assuredness, to better know themselves.

The Program was well worth the time. Elizabeth and David have a structured and efficient method that identifies your personal interests and character strengths and helps you determine how to apply them in retirement. It is clear they have a wealth of experience in this area and have thought through many of the issues that most of us will face as retirement approaches. To boot, they are a pleasure to work with.

If you are facing a major transition, you should most definitely have Elizabeth and David on your team!

I absolutely and enthusiastically recommend that every partner considering working with Encoraco do so. I am so happy that I did… I left the meetings with a much higher comfort level about how to approach retirement and the opportunities ahead.

Elizabeth and David provided invaluable advice to me (and my spouse) as we prepare to enter the next leg of our journey… But most importantly they provided a unique perspective and manner of thinking about retirement. It’s a terrific program, which I found extremely helpful and enjoyable, and was certainly time well spent.

Their approach appealed to me, and I believe they also would appeal to many law firm partners, because their work is not mushy, touchy-feeling, or generic coaching. They aren’t skills coaches either. Yes, they do help you identify personal goals, values, work-life balance and all the rest. But they do this in a series of structured, facilitated, intensive, one-on-one exercises that help you identify skill sets, how best to align those with your other goals, brainstorm about how best to use those skills to achieve your goals (financial, business and personal) and more – and that are structured so that they lead into concrete, written action plans.

— Partner, AmLaw 10 Law Firm

I was blown away by how helpful I found this program. Going in, I thought I had a pretty good sense of how I would transition to retirement, but quickly realized how many things are about to change and how those changes would impact every area of life. Elizabeth and David are engaging, entertaining and insightful. Their holistic process touches on everything from what an ideal day would look like, to physical health and wellness, relationships, roles, personal fulfillment, peace of mind, financial freedom and sense of balance. I highly recommend including your spouse. I left after two days with a much greater sense of clarity, purpose and direction, as well as a practical, detailed plan on how to make the most of this exciting next phase.

— Partner, AmLaw 10 Law Firm

This program is enormously helpful to focus a retiree on the myriad of changes to his or her life that are rapidly approaching. I went through a 360 degree analysis of work, financial, and life satisfaction issues. The net result is that I now feel excited about writing my own script for the huge transition of retirement. Doing this program a year or so prior to retirement puts you on course to work through these profound issues and be ready to take the jump!

— Partner, AmLaw 10 Law Firm

I frankly did not know what to expect walking into this experience. Afterwards, and with the help of interesting exercises and discussion, I found a sense of direction and inspiration on what a happy post-retirement looks like. Better yet, they continue to work with me to get there.

— Partner, AmLaw 10 Law Firm