Successful Retirement Requires More Than Money

Puzzle pieces stacked with arrow pointing up to represent figuring out retirement as a series of steps

Perhaps you’re among the millions of retirees who imagined, helped along by decades of marketing messages, that your well-funded 401k was all you needed to glide into the sunset of retirement happy and fulfilled. If you are like most, you might be realizing that somehow you have under-thought the consequences of this enormous life change and how it might register on your emotional Richter scale.

Navigating the Emotional Quake of Retirement

Our clients are at the edge of this earthquake when they enlist our services, and many confess they feel like they’re losing their grip. “Why do I find this moment so confusing?” they’ll ask. “I’ve never felt so absent-minded or unclear, but I’ve done everything right.”

Retirement transition doesn’t have to be a seismic shock. But it does require intentional building beyond your bank account. Assuming the financial piece is figured out, a robust plan for a satisfying retirement rests on four supports.

Building a Holistic Retirement: The Four Cornerstones

First, it is critical to reconnect with your broader identity beyond the one that showed up at work every day. Who will I be if not that?

Next you must reconsider the architecture of your life. How will you spend your time and shape your days without your career driving the boundaries, content and rhythms of life?

Third, assuming you have fulfilled some of the key goals of middle adulthood—namely testing your potential and creating a sense of financial security—what is your new purpose in this next chapter going to be?

Finally, how do you get started on this colossal project? You need a plan for incremental and steady action that builds momentum.

Plenty of wisdom on retirement reminds you that it’s important to develop some clarity about your identity, values, and interests, but such sleights of mind are pointless if you cannot put them into action. The real magic can only happen when you begin to act. And this is often the hardest part, because often what feels comfortable is not in line with the courage and creative imagining that will bring you to your most fulfilling outcome. There is a tension between the risk of blazing a fresh and meaningful pathway versus the safety of defaulting to your comfort zone or doing nothing at all.

But if you really do have a measure of financial security, why not embrace the discomfort and go for it? If you move yourself forward according to a thoughtful plan, each step you take creates the pathway to a fresh future, and there really is no way to fail.

Embarking on a Comprehensive Retirement Plan

The experienced retirement coaches at Encoraco work with highly accomplished professionals to craft a path to fulfillment and purpose in retirement. Our team helps find the gaps, guide you through them, and leaves you with a ready to implement plan.

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