Category: Retirement Transition

Adjusting to Retirement: Embracing 3 New Mindsets

Many of the mindsets that serve us during an intense career can become impediments as we embark on a new chapter, even one where we intend to be engaged and involved. To start with, anyone with a demanding career has become habituated to reacting to the needs of others swiftly and automatically, which keeps the…

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Successful Retirement Requires More Than Money

Perhaps you’re among the millions of retirees who imagined, helped along by decades of marketing messages, that your well-funded 401k was all you needed to glide into the sunset of retirement happy and fulfilled. If you are like most, you might be realizing that somehow you have under-thought the consequences of this enormous life change…

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Twin Fallacies of Retirement: Imminent Decline or Permanent Vacation

Retirement is perhaps one of life’s most significant transitions, a time when people leave their working lives behind and enter a new phase of life. However, many people have a negative view of retirement, viewing it as the start of one of two extremes: an inevitable decline or a permanent vacation. Although one sounds more…

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