About Us

Retirement Coaching for High-Powered Executives, Lawyers & Business Professionals

For high-powered executives, attorneys, and business professionals who have dedicated their lives to building successful careers, where their identity is closely tied to their profession, firm, or business, retirement can be a daunting transition.

At Encoraco, we offer a new way to think about your retirement after an intense and successful career. We coach powerhouse executives and professionals like you on how to create an intentional plan for your future with confidence and clarity.

Founded by experienced executive coaches Elizabeth Zelinka Parsons and David Parsons, our mission is to help high-powered executives, lawyers and business professionals retire with purpose and passion.

Like our clients, Encoraco’s Retirement Coach Facilitators are accomplished professionals with impressive resumes who understand the opportunities and challenges you face. Together, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully transition to a fulfilling and engaging retirement.

We provide various programs tailored to diverse needs and budgets. Whether you opt for personalized one-on-one sessions in our Encore or Ovation Programs, choose a more traditional coaching approach through the Insight Program, or prefer participating in an intimate group retreat with like-minded individuals in our Horizon Program, we have a resource specifically crafted to offer the personalized support you desire.

Experience a new way to think about retirement, and discover how to embrace your next chapter with purpose and joy.